Electronic Depositions

Stock Court Reporting Now Offers Electronic Depositions

Imagine stepping onto an airplane and having all the case documentation at your fingertips on a tablet device or laptop computer.  You can instantly locate, access and share any trial document within minutes via applications you trust such as Dropbox and TrialPad.

In the courtroom, witnesses can highlight and annotate exhibits with ease and precision.  These digital documents are then electronically marked and ready to go, carrying just as much validity as their paper counterparts, and much easier to transport.  At Stock Court Reporting, we’re committed to providing our clients with the most innovative technology to manage the flow of evidence in their case. Electronic depositions are now available and incredibly simple to integrate into your workflow, offering many benefits to lawyers and legal professionals.

It’s just a fact that in a culture of touch-screen interfacing and instant data downloads, judges, arbitrators and jurors expect a higher-level presentation than paper documents and blowups provide.  Electronic depositions use state-of-the-art equipment to instantly digitize exhibits allowing them to be broadcast to the entire room for a compelling and influential case.

Take a look at the many benefits electronic depositions have to offer…
  • Live Exhibit Sharing
  • Digital Exhibit Stickers
  • OCR-Searchable Documents
  • On-Site Scanning
  • Multimedia-Ready Exhibits
  • iPad, Mac, PC, Tablet Compatible
Reduce Risk of Loss

Gone are the days of photocopying hundreds (or thousands!) of paper documents for depositions or trial. No  more shuffling unnamedthrough stacks of papers to find the single piece of information you need or accidentally dropping a file and watching your evidence scatter across the office floor. With electronic depositions, your exhibits can be easily stored, backed up and secured. There’s no risk of misplacing important documentation, and you’ll always be prepared so long as you have your tablet, laptop computer, hard drive or even USB stick with you.

Step-by-Step Direction

Stock Court Reporting is well-versed in creating electronic depositions.  When you work with us, we’re happy to walk you through the process step by step, whether you’re new to this technology or have some experience and still need guidance.

Call us today to find out how you can streamline the efficiency of your workflow and exhibit management.