Legal Videography

We offer superior service by partnering with qualified, highly experienced video professionals to produce top-tier video and audio recordings. Our partners use state-of-the art equipment, arrive at least a half hour early, and are prepared with all the requested equipment.

Digital Videotaped Depositions

Picture In Picture and Split Screen

Streaming Video

Courtroom Presentation Equipment and Support Services (monitors, ELMO, projectors, screens, stands, DVD players, etc.)

Multiple File Formats (VHS, DVD, MPEG, CD)

Synchronized Video-To-Text Formats (compatible with Sanction II, Trial Director, etc.)

Professional Video/Audio Editing

Mediation / Settlement Brochures & Videotapes

Day-In-The-Life Films

Aerial Photography

Digital Video and/or Digital Photography (accident scenes, vehicles, injuries, surgeries, therapies, property damage, condemned properties, construction, site inspections)

Duplication – All Formats (VHS, DVD, MPEG, CD)